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For some of my alters, writing poetry was the medium they used to begin their recovery.  Most of them continue writing even today.  We are grateful you chose to read more.

Dancing ringlets of incense smoke                  

    Wafting up to the ceiling   

           Making light shadows on my bedroom walls.    

Comforting me with its wisteria fragrance

     I wish I could dance so freely.                            


                        Katrina  10/1/92              




Flickering candlelight on the wall  

Cast your shadows short and tall

Be a light where there is darkness

Give my sullen room some brightness

While burning serenely, safe and slow.



                                          Competent One  1967





didn’t dance tonight 


sat and looked out the window 

at things no one else

could see

they said “she’s crazed”

don't know what they mean

but if it means

          i float out there in space


          then they’re right

          i do


          been thinkin’ lately

          ‘bout the little girl i was

          an’ how no one

          no where

          helped her out of the


          she lived in


          far away

          some voice joins a chorus

          of voices

          already big

          they take care of each other

          don’t sing tho’ they can

          just fight over

          who’s out this time


          drums beat in my head

          light passes to dark

          waves cross my eyes

          and I am a new me

          don’t got no shame ‘bout it

          no more

          just happened

          that is me

          or – we

                                   Defiant Bitch  6/19/96


Oh! Magnificent Canyon!


Steadfast guardians of the land

Embrace thy splendid beauty,

Speaking reverently of thy huge vastness

And majestic strength.

Etched in the memory of thy rugged silent walls,

Elusive secrets of life

Pose resplendent ‘neath the morning sun.


Oh! Magnificent canyon!

Humbled before thy jagged and treacherous cliffs,

Painted in prismic shades of heaven’s glorious light,

Thy faithful servants wait,

Surveying thy noble gorge.



                                                        Nature Girl (25)  5/1/92



Where Is the Love?


Where is the love whose passions

Burn where all shall see?

Lie quietly on a star-lit night

By the blue green waters of the sea

Whose fingers linger briefly on a white sandy shore,

Only to retreat into eternity--then rush the shore again.


Reaching upward into the stars,

Slip into the timeless notes of

Paganini, Ravel, Bach, and Vivaldi...


As the palm and pine orchestra softly accompanies their flight,

Soar with black silouhetted birds

On etheric wings of ecstacy

Through the winds of change and peace.


Breathe in the coolness of the salty night air

And feel the ebb and flow of pure rapturous joy

Rise within your essence called soul.


Where is the love whose passions

Burn where all shall see?


It lies within the timeless, limitless heart of God.



                  Nature Girl (25)  4/26/85