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I believe that most people are open to learning about the phenomena of the mind's capability to compartmentalize events and traumas.  I also believe that many people are unaware of the signs of physical, mental, emotional and ritual abuse.  In 1998, I was asked to tell my story to a group of people who had similar stories to tell.  I felt heard.  I felt a kinship to those people.  Today, I can say that because I have the courage to speak out, many youth and adults are not suffering in silence any longer. 
Following is a list of organizations who have asked me to be a speaker at one of their conferences or classes.  I am open to speaking before a variety of audiences.  The more people who become aware of these types of abuse, the better it will be for other survivors and the world in general.

American Society of Cirminology; 53rd Annual Meeting, "Criminology, Justice, and Public Policy in the Twenty-First Century", November 7-10, 2001, Atlanta, Georgia; Session Title: "Surviving Family Violence and Child Prostitution"; guest speaker and artwork display
Indiana University Criminal Justice Program; 1999 to 2004 guest speaker on ritual abuse; artwork used as teaching tool; Hal Pepinsky, JD, PhD, Professor of Law
Tampa Bay Depressive and Manic Depressive Association; Guest speaker on MPD/DID; display of artwork; January 2000
S.M.A.R.T. Conferences, Windsor Locks, MA; 1998 to 2002; guest speaker and slide show of artwork